They look like they’re made out of Gandhi’s legs but (just like the great man), despite appearances, they’re immensely strong, resilient, reliable and no matter how many times you break them down they’ll continue to serve you with smooth assurance. Behold the magnificent Moulton – an ultra-high-performance go-anywhere bicycle that collapses into a suitcase!

You’re a free-wheeling, open-minded, wanderlusty go-getter ready to grow your hair long, explore the world and make it a better place. But you won’t be tied down by other people’s schedules. When you’re ready to go, you go – following your own path, at your own pace.

Imagine taking your transport with you wherever you go. Just pop the catches on a suitcase, practice a few Meccano skills you learnt when you were 8, climb aboard and follow your nose. Well, stop day-dreaming sucker! Blackwell and Sons has scored the exclusive New Zealand rights to the brilliant Moulton. We’re ready to roll with the nifty TSR 9 and the ridiculously versatile TSR 22.

Both models are true to Alex Moulton’s original 1950s vision of an innovative, adaptable, portable bicycle that loses nothing in performance. But today’s Moulton is lighter, stiffer, faster and more comfortable – and even easier to transport by road, rail or air.

The TSR 9 is equally at home on urban streets or the trail, and can handle all but the steepest of terrain. The TSR 22 is perfect for day rides, audax and touring, and excellent for fast road commuting. Both feature suspension that your butt will thank you for. Actually, butts aren’t capable of expressing thanks … although mine does talk … quite a lot actually.

Oh, and if your particular passive resistance crusade requires any one of Moulton’s other models, just let us know. We can supply to order, and deliver free to your door anywhere in New Zealand.