'Breakwater Beach' Single Fedora

'Breakwater Beach' Single Fedora

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Beware of causing traffic accidents as you promenade in this 100% cotton wide-brim masterpiece. Let the heads turn in envious admiration of this nifty fedora’s contrasting eyelets and band. The perfect accent for any look.

Price includes packaging in a box carefully designed to handle the rigours of delivery to your door.

Colour: Slate

Size Guide

To determine your hat size, use a flexible tape measure or a string and ruler. The goal is to measure the circumference of your head at the level your hat will sit. To do this, place the tape measure just above your ears, across your mid-forehead, and completely circling your head. Make sure the tape sits right across your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head) and hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly.

Then, simply match your head circumference to hat size:

Small: 55.5cm
Medium: 57cm
Large: 59cm
X Large: 61cm
XX Large: 63cm