Kali Danu Solid Reflective Helmet
Kali Danu Solid Reflective Helmet

Kali Danu Solid Reflective Helmet

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The first priority for commuters is to be seen. Visability is an issue day or night and requires us to be that much more alert. Having to rely on drivers to watch out for us isn't an option bit our DANU Reflective will make things a littel easier.

The DANU Reflective is unique in that it offers a completely reflective shell, allowing for expanded visability above and beyond reflective straps or stickers. To achieve this illuminating effect, crystal-like particles are pressed into the PC sheet before it is vacuum formed into the final helmet shell. The result is a helmet that is more visable day or night, radiating under the sun, or the beam of a headlight. 

The DANU Reflective is the next evolution of reflective safety technology, it is a lightweight, ventilated, feature packed commuter helmet designed to be functional and ecofriendly. Commuters love speed and convenience, so the DANU features the patented Fidlock SNAP buckle for fast chinstrap closing and opening. Magnets make closing the buckle a one-handed and nearly automatic procedure. Opening is just as easy and accomplished by sliding the buckle laterally with two fingers. This makes opening and closing the buckle with gloves on exceptionally easy.

To keep things cool on the move the DANU features an integrated airflow system with 10 vents and internal air channels. Adjustable pads with integrated visor (removable) provide comfort and added sun protection while the Dial Fit System keeps things in place. The exceedingly low weight, despite the deep coverage design, aids in reducing fatigue without sacrificing protection.

Producing helmets is a dirty process. The DANU™  is our way of cleaning up that process by utilizing our reusable and renewable BioDome construction methods. A durable ABS and polycarbonate blended shell is inmoulded with a recycled EPS liner, while recycled PET water bottles are used to make the chinstraps.

DANU Reflective - BE SEEN