Premium 100% Hemp Cord / Twine - Cream

Premium 100% Hemp Cord / Twine - Cream


No. You can't smoke it. Let's get that out of the way first. But it is perfect for various  uses including crafts, gardening, ensuring your gifts look like they are wrapped and finished with love and care, and according to Mrs Blackwell, tying poetic notes of a romantic persuasion to your sweetheart's lunch. (You are so Jane Austen, Millie Blackwell).

100% Hemp Cord / Twine
Polished Finish
Length: Minimum 60 meters
1mm thickness

Colourfast AZO-Free Dye

Oil Free (no one wants oily Hemp, right?)

All sounds very natural, earthy and hipster friendly. However, we don't recommend it for home surgery procedures.