Peterboro Tomato Basket

Peterboro Tomato Basket

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Plump, vine-ripened tomatoes. Who can resist the flavour and fragrance of these luscious summer garden-grown gems? They’re even more tempting when you keep them on your kitchen counter or table in a Peterboro Tomato Basket.

And just because it’s called a Tomato Basket doesn’t mean you can’t transport other stuff in it too. Really, if it is a rule, it’s unlikely to be policed rigorously.

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA-made materials.

Ideas for use

  • Arrange with in-season fruit for a healthy centrepiece or hostess gift.

  • Perfect dimensions for holding incoming/outgoing business mail.

  • Great for all countertop storage needs.

Honey or Cherry

28.5cm L x 16cm W x 9.5cm H