Insulated Cup 12oz (355ml) - Copper

Insulated Cup 12oz (355ml) - Copper

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These Florida-made tumblers are made by SIC, which stands for Still Ice Cold.

You can guess what it is these cups are good at, I bet. But they are also very good at keeping beverages warm too.

Designed to fit comfortably in the hand as well as in a cup holder, the SIC mugs will keep all beverages at a satisfying temperature.

For example, as cool as Shane (our perpetually unruffled store manager) after running a particularly challenging inventory check. Which is to say, very cool indeed. 

Other Features:

Lifetime Guarantee - made to use every day and guaranteed for life
Superior Design - The unique design on this tumbler is not only beautiful but also very functional. We designed the 12oz tumblers to fit perfectly in your hand and also in your cup holder.
Splash-roof Lid – The 12oz/355ml tumblers come standard with the SIC unbreakable splash-proof lid.
Sweat Free – Tired of being told to use a coaster? Tired of rings on your coffee table or condensation on your counter? Our insulation technology guarantees a sweat free drinking experience.
Perfect for Coffee – Some prefer their coffee piping hot while others prefer iced coffee. Our vacuum insulation will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. Our Manager Shane loves that he can walk away from his coffee to give a bike demo and it's still hot 20 minutes later when he's finished. 
Perfect for cold drinks too – Let’s put it this way… It wasn’t an accident that this tumbler fits a 12oz beer perfectly!