Internal Gear Chain

Internal Gear Chain


Sometimes, the little things make a big difference. They say it's really hard to balance without your little toe. And one, single nasal hair could be the difference between you catching that cold and staying fighting fit (although we'd recommend you stay fit so you have energy for cycling and other romantic pursuits, rather than a bit of biff and boff).

So when something goes awry with your internal hub gear chain, chances are your cycling pleasure will be radically diminished. But don't lose your rag and take to social media to declare how unfair life is, just get this replacement!

The extra long and very rigid Z1eHX chain is optimised for e-bike use. This nickel-plated baby is equipped with 112 links.


  • 1/2" X 3/32"
  • Pin length 7.8mm
  • 112 links
  • Anti rust
  • For particularly heavy use
  • EcoProTeQ coating
  • For middle-engine e-bike or any gear hub
  • Comes with chain connector.