Bicycle Hire and Gastronomy Excursions

Hire electric bicycles, or treat yourself to a gastronomical hire package, and explore South Wairarapa’s glorious rural landscapes with someone who makes you giddy. Packages range from the simple to the sublime. Casual hires (without a booking) are also available, subject to bicycle availability, at $40 per rider per hour (minimum hire two hours).

View and download maps of popular local cycle routes

The Naked* Pedaller

from $59.90 per person when booked online or $40 per rider per hour (minimum hire two hours) for walk-in hires

Includes $5 donation to Greytown Trails Trust

Just you, a fully charged Wisper Wayfarer e-bicycle adjusted to your riding style, a freshly sanitized helmet, and freedom. Go where whim and the wind take you. 

Ah yes. Decisions, decisions. So we’ll help you out with some suggested routes if you like. The Greytown Heritage Trust offers a nicely annotated map that includes lots of points of interest around the town.

  • Fully charged Wisper Wayfarer e-bicycle adjusted to your riding style
  • Full instruction on e-bicycle operation 
  • Freshly sanitized helmet
  • 1 – 4 riders (subject to bicycle availability)
  • Collect and return bicycles to our Greytown workshop
  • Bring your own water bottle (filtered water available at workshop)
  • Half-day (9am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 4.30pm) $59.90 per person
  • Full-day (9am – 4.30pm) $89.90 per person

*Actual nakedness is unlikely to be tolerated by local authorities, or livestock, and will incur an additional fee for seat replacement. 


A side order (and back, front and top…)

If the weather looks iffy, we can offer you the brilliant Imbris rain poncho for hire. It’s designed in Sweden to keep you completely dry while cycling, even in a rare heavy South Wairarapa downpour. And don’t they look swish? $30.00 per poncho. And if you absolutely love it to bits and want to take it home (and we reckon you will), we’ll take that $30 hire charge off the normal retail price of $249.90.

Where to find us

Bicycle pick-up and return happens at the Blackwell and Sons Workshop, 102 Main Street, Greytown, except with the 'A-Lister' package, which includes collection from Featherston at the end of your hire, if desired.

Any problems, just give Shane a call on 027 558 5503.

About the bicycles

Featuring beautiful British step-through design and award-winning technology that’s ridiculously easy to operate, the Wisper Wayfarer is ideally suited for cyclists of all ages and levels to explore South Wairarapa’s delightful trails and country lanes.

Our customers say the Wayfarer rides with a smooth, safe, intuitive and natural feel that’s quiet but powerful. It's like being on a train as it pulls away from a station and gathers speed.

Key features include:

  • Wide, trail-ready tyres suited to safe, comfortable riding on gravel trails or tarmac
  • Low step-through frame – no awkward leg-lifting required
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars, to ensure maximum comfort throughout your ride (we’ll adjust for you before you set out)
  • Blissfully simple electric technology: switch on – ride – switch off (we’ll give you full instruction before you start)
  • Smartphone holder fitted to handlebar so you can easily follow maps or Facetime your brother in Auckland (who has just cancelled his trip to the gym because traffic is so bad) to make him jealous. We'll leave it to you to ensure your phone is fitted correctly into the holder because, woops, it's on you if there's a mishap!
  • Rear rack and panniers fitted – to carry your essential supplies
  • Hi-vis vest included with all hire packages.

Some wee print…

  • All packages are subject to availability. Booking ahead is recommended. Our booking calendar shows available dates.
  • We also love spontaneity, so by all means show up at our workshop (102 Main Street, Greytown) on the day, but we can’t guarantee that bicycles will be available. Also please note that on days without an online hire booking the workshop is open only from 9am to 3pm. We are happy to hire by the hour to walk-in customers (subject to bicycle availability) at a rate of $40 per rider per hour including GST (minimum hire two hours).
  • The minimum (unaccompanied) age for hiring is 18 years. In cases where younger riders are accompanied by adults, we recommend a minimum age of 16 years. The Wisper Wayfarer is an adult bicycle.
  • What happens if the weather turns ugly on the day you’ve booked or you can’t make it for other reasons? Excellent question. We offer free rebooking, or your money back if you can’t schedule another visit to Greytown (as long as, for reasons other than the weather, you let us know at least 24 hours before your booking date).
  • We accept that reasonable wear and tear will occur when bicycles are taken for a spin. But if you do something like lose a wheel or cause a vital part to point in the wrong direction, we’ll need to sit down with clasped hands and furrowed brows, and confirm your credit card details. The Wisper Wayfarer is a sturdy and reliable bicycle, but it is intended for use on sealed roads and formed trails only. No cross-country detours thank you!
  • Punctures and other mechanical mishaps happen. Thankfully, not that often on Wisper Wayfarer bicycles and on South Wairarapa’s well-maintained cycle trails and roads. If you get into difficulty, call the number printed on the sticker on the bottom of the front carrier basket. Shane or Young Adam will come to your rescue with James Bond-like calmness and authority.
  • If you ride, or behave while on board our bicycle, in a way that transcends any laws of this fair land or puts yourself or others in danger, that’s on you. Our bicycle, but your decisions, your risk and responsibility. We good with that?
  • We’re reasonable people. It says so on our LinkedIn profiles. So we’ll make small allowances for traffic, wandering livestock and the distraction caused by that pretty person next to you if pick-up and drop-off times are missed. But if tooooo much time passes and we don’t hear from you, we reserve the right to offer your bikes to other keen pedallers who show up on our doorstep. At the other end of the day, unreasonable lateness will result in a head-to-head consultation of the nature described in 5 above. Our lateness fee is $100 per hour (Shane and Young Adam don't come cheap, you know).
  • If you fail to return with our bicycle at all, well, we know people who know people who can call in favours with the constabulary. And just because some people are, well, plonkers, we will ask to hold your driver's licence or some other form of security during the hire. Please don't take that personally. It's because of the plonkers, not you.
  • If you’re all cycled out and decide to return before your allotted time is up, no problem! But you understand that, as we can’t hire your bicycles out again on the day, we won’t be able to offer you anything in the way of a refund. Of course you understand!