Written by Adam Blackwell
Illustrated by Paul Rees

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Publication Date: Friday 1 December 2023

Recommended Retail Price: $NZ29.90 / Wholesale $17.90 + GST

ISBN: 978-0-473-68735-9

Edition: First

Binding: Hard Cover

Format: 305mm x 215mm

Depth: 9mm

Extent: 28 pages


Adam Blackwell was always enterprising and creative, judging by the autobiographical children’s tale Don’t Go Near The Creek. His first children’s picture book is a collaboration with artist Paul Rees and captures a memorable moment in his idyllic Hutt Valley childhood in the 1970s.

The constraints of modern-day living have just about snuffed out our adventurous childhood exploration in our suburban outdoors. But Adam Blackwell reminds us of the freedoms we had to explore and discover, to become slimy and smelly in the mud and streams… and yet, there is still the motherly echo of cautionary warning, “Don’t go near the creek”.

A fun, curious tale that sparks our adventurous spirit – young Adam breaks out from his wheezy, snorty reading nook to make a determined decision to head to the creek! Adam reminds us that there were some of us happiest reading our books as children but we also managed to have real life adventures. In Adam’s case, a trek to the forbidden creek birthed a kernel of an idea and led to an enterprising little venture!

The distinctive, clear and vibrant illustrations evoke warmth towards an endearing young lad and there’s an added educational spy element to ‘find the images’ in each page. The full range to hunt are on the end page and will add bonding to your shared reading times with your little ones.

Young Adam is perfect for your pre-schooler and independent junior reader.

– Sue Reid, Author