Slower, Simpler, More Authentic

When we established Blackwell and Sons and began selling magnificent hand-built Pashley bicycles, which are built for style, reliability and comfort rather than blinding speed, something very interesting happened

We saw how highly our customers value an uncomplicated, gentler-paced, luxury cycling lifestyle. We listened as they told us how their Pashleys serve as perfect foils for the non-stop, instant-gratification, act-now demands of modern living.

In our customers’ eyes, cycling – for leisure rather than hurtling Lycra-clad towards a finish line – epitomises many of the ideals and experiences they treasured when they were young: freedom, adventure, possibility, friendship, fresh air and simple pleasures – pleasures that didn’t involve clicking a ‘like’ button on a screen

The more we investigated, the more we discovered a groundswell of appreciation and desire for this kind of slower, simpler and more authentic lifestyle. And so ‘Slow Motion’ was born.

Slow Motion isn’t exclusively about cycling. It encompasses any idea or pastime – from preparing and consuming high-quality food, to walking, gardening, reading, photography or simply breathing in nature – that involves decelerating and opening our senses fully to the people, places and experiences around us.

All of these activities involve breaking away – temporarily at least – from the incessant demands of phones and devices. Slow Motion isn’t a rejection of technology outright. We love gadgetry and openly embrace its capabilities and possibilities. But when it completely dominates our existence, much is lost.

The multiple benefits of a gentler, more appreciative lifestyle are well-documented: Improved health and a longer life, better relationships, deeper friendships, enhanced sensual experiences, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and more patience, tolerance and general enjoyment of life.

You’ll be seeing, hearing and reading a lot more about Slow Motion as we develop new videos and publish a regular magazine (linked below) to share ideas and stories. So, unclench, breathe deeply … and slow down!

Slow Motion Issue 1