Pure tweed heaven

The sun shone. The tweeders came, rode and licked ice cream. The tweeders upped knees in the finest post-event knees-up witnessed since the upping of knees became legal. Jolliness was everywhere.

As predicted by some very wise people, the National Tweed Ride 2022 was an utterly mirthful 75-minute jaunt through leafy lanes, past gloriously historic homesteads and perfectly placid bovine beasts. Despite the warmth, sweatless, gruntless cycling was the order of the day. Any slight moistening of brows was quickly dispelled by a delicious ice cream cone served halfway through the ride by the caring hands of folks at The Bicycle Kitchen. 

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the gentle outing concluded with a knees up at Truckstop Greytown where scrumptious afternoon tea met eager lips, along with a potently marvellous gin martini. A tweedy quiz was quizzed. Prizes for bicycles, costumes and moustaches were handed out with only the slightest hint of corruption and controversy, and without any hint of unscripted presenter slapping. 

Meanwhile, disgruntlement prevailed in towns and cities elsewhere in fair Aotearoa. People missed out. People were too slow to hit BOOK NOW. People learned a harsh lesson and will be eagerly bookmarking this page to ensure they’re first in line for tickets to the third National Tweed Ride, taking place in Greytown at Easter 2023. 

Click here to view and download tweeder portraits from the National Tweed Ride 2022 

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