The New Zealand National Tweed Ride

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is with tremendous pleasure that we invite you to participate in the New Zealand National Tweed Ride in association with Blackwell and Sons. Supporting Cobblestones Museum, Greytown.

This, the inaugural National Tweed Ride, will take place on Easter Saturday 3rd April 2021 in Greytown, Wairarapa.

  • Registration will commence from 11am at Memorial Park Kuratawhiti St,Greytown.
  • Ride commences 1pm sharp at Memorial Park, Kuratawhiti St Greytown.
  • Post ride festivities will be held at Cobblestones Museum, Main St Greytown from 3.30pm

New Zealand’s National Tweed Ride is destined to be the most coveted and highly anticipated annual cycle ride in the country. A one-of-a-kind event where participants don their finest tweeds and brogues and cycle through Greytown, stopping along the way to take refreshments, and ending with an old fashioned knees-up in the afternoon



Eyes Front, Look Sharp

As a stylish rider you will have plenty of time for Hot Cross Buns lashed with butter from one of the Village’s cafes, before assembling in your best-pressed dress at Soldiers Memorial Park, Greytown from 11am. Registration includes the collection of an exquisite Tweed Ride Rosette. Starting time is at 1pm sharp where a short encouragement from an enthusiastic bugler and a wave of the Tweed Ride flag by The Organisers sets you off onto one of Greytown’s most prestigious streets.

Country Lanes, Woodside Trails

We’re off, without a bead of perspiration. It’s a ride, not a race. Imagine hundreds of gorgeously attired masters, countesses, Ladies, noblemen, Lords, Baronesses and extremely distinguished gentlemen, bicycle bells a-ding-donging, on a gentle jaunt through the country lanes and gentle trails of Greytown.

We’ll pause briefly to take refreshments at Woodside Railway station, the halfway point of our 10km expedition. Greytown’s beautiful Woodside Trail will be our return path to the Village where we will be welcomed back at the delightful Cobblestones Museum for our concluding soiree. Refreshments on offer will be refreshing, and a short ceremony will see The Organisers dish out frightfully fun prizes, like $500 to splurge at Blackwell and Sons.  Talk about a knees-up. What a lovely opportunity to mingle with your fellow riders.

Prize Giving And Tea Dance

Cobblestones Museum is delighted to be part of this, the Inaugural National Tweed Ride, as they move into this, their 50th anniversary year. Having the Ride finish and the Prize Giving held in their lovely grounds is a fitting end to a lovely heritage occasion. Entrance to Tweed Riders is free of charge with a special $5 entry price for your entourage, friends and family and other spectators (entry is free for kids under 15). 

This suitably themed afternoon and Prize Giving at Cobblestones culminates with a Tea Dance. You’ll be able to buy delicious food, wine, beer, and maybe even some 1930s style cocktails, while you celebrate with music from jazz trioGypsy Jam”.  Watch as The Organisers stylishly try all available cocktails.

Heavens! What should one wear?

The Organisers were falling over themselves to inspire you with some looks, donned in their own Tweed ensembles as seen here. Mr Blackwell, as you can imagine, practically sleeps in tweed. “No sweat” he muttered as these local personalities dazzled in the 35 degree heat.  This was nothing to Mr Blackwell who has the benefit of a Stiff Upper Lip.

While that’s a typical Greytown summer day, the National Tweed Ride is an autumn highlight, and milder temperatures mean all your tweed – Harris tweed jackets, vests, trews, hats, capes, socks, brogues, cravats, berets – will be in order. There’s no such thing as being over dressed for a Tweed Ride. Simply add a pair of vintage sunglasses and you’ve got it. The Look. Well done.

Prizes! Yes please!

We, The Organisers, believe in rewarding effort. We will note remarkable style and panache. Paparazzi will be present, social media posts will be numerous and prizes forthwith: 

The prize categories for which all participants are eligible are:

  • Best dressed chap
  • Best dressed gal
  • Best vintage bicycle
  • Best dressed bicycle
  • Best moustache 
  • Best head gear

Other things which befuddle you? FAQs?

Can I wake up on Sat 3rd April, feel the need for Tweed and just join in?

Frankly, no. Please get yourself organised. Numbers are strictly limited so don’t dally

Will it be taxing?

Good grief no! Neither in terms of physical exercise nor financial requirement. The Tweed Ride is not a race, it’s a gentle ride with accompanying gossiping and merriment. All this for a mere $49.90 per rider.

Will there be Health and Safety?

Excellent question. We bet you were a Prefect at school. Yes. The Organisers admire Health and indeed Safety, and will be ready and able.

Please wear a helmet and make sure you always obey all road rules. 

They’ll also be plenty of opportunities to scan a COVID-19 QR code so please bring your cordless portable telephone.

Please: Use the NZ COVID Tracer app to check in to every business you go to, and on all public transport you take to get to The Tweed Ride.

Use the NZ COVID Tracer app to check in at Ride at Kuratawhiti St when you arrive. There will be numerous Covid-19 QR codes displayed around the registration area. Please scan in.  

Turn on Bluetooth tracing in the NZ COVID Tracer app.

What if I am feeling a bit off colour?

If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Call Healthline or your health professional for advice on getting a COVID-19 test and where you can get a test from.

I have charming children - can they come on the Ride?

Thank you for that. Since, as you say, your children are so charming, some friend or family member is going to relish spending time with them on Saturday 3rd April. Feel free to bring them as we congregate before the ride starts at Memorial Park. Some events are just for adults. The Tweed Ride is just such an event. Children get the Easter Bunny – you get the Tweed Ride.

(Besides, some children have a belief that tweed is itchy! This is simply not true. Urban Myth right there! Stamped out)

I have a charming dog - can it come on the Ride?

Thank you for that. Since, as you say, your dog is so charming, some friend or family member is going to relish spending time with it on Saturday 3rd April. Please don’t bring your dog to either Memorial Park, Kuratawhiti St or to Cobblestones as neither location allows dogs, charming or otherwise. Some events are just for people. The Tweed Ride is just such an event. Dogs get the Easter Bunny – you get the Tweed Ride.

Be Prepared!

We bet you were Boy Scouts! Or Girl Guides!

Yes, be prepared:

  • Please wear a helmet and make sure you always obey all road rules
  • Bring a water bottle - water will be available for you to fill your own.
  • There will be a Blackwell and Sons van ready to collect you and your bike in case of emergency. Or heaven forbid a puncture!

What is the weather is rubbish?

Very good question. The simply marvelous thing about tweed is that it simply repels damp conditions.  We, The Organisers, are made of pretty stern stuff so should the weather prove to be simply mildly inclement, we will soldier on.

Should however, thunderbolts or lightning be imminent, we will communicate with you, The Riders,  using various modern electronic devices and communication channels. 

What if one does not have a bicycle?

We have a solution. Our good chums at Green Jersey Explorer Tours can provide you with a suitable bicycle. It must be pre-ordered before March 31 and you will be able to collect it from Blackwell and Sons, 110 Main St Greytown on the morning of Saturday 3rd April and return it there after the ride. You can book a Green Jersey cycle for the Tweed Ride directly here when and when you do please use the promo code TWEED, then Green Jersey will know exactly what you’re on about and provide you with a 10% discount!  You will need to bring your own helmet. 

Can I come from Wellington to Greytown on the train and bring my bicycle? 

Over Easter 2021 all train services will be replaced by buses (repairs are being undertaken on the train tracks).

There is a bus from Wellington leaving at 9.55am. This arrives in Greytown at 11am. A bus leaves Greytown on Saturday 3rd going to Wellington at 5.17pm arriving back in Wellington at 6.25pm.

There will be very limited capacity to load your bicycle. Buses replacing trains are not guaranteed to have a bike rack, even if the train service it is replacing usually allows bikes. If a bus is fitted with a bike rack, they can only carry two standard bikes, and it is first come first served. We suggest you call Metlink to confirm there’s capacity. Ph 0800 801 700.

Terribly social? Jolly marvelous.

Apparently, this is a ‘thing’. If one is pleased with one’s Tweedy look then by all means post away, follow and tag in @blackwellandsonsnz on The Facebook and The Instagram machine. Go mad and throw in #greytownvillage #pashley #tweedride #wairarapa

You may contact The Organisers by telephone 027 227 2130 or email