After Dinner Amusement: Family Time

After Dinner Amusement: Family Time


Right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Carefully lay down your phones. It's okay, it's okay... they won't break if you're not using them. Extensive laboratory tests have proven that.

Now, how well do you know that family of yours? I mean, really know them? Hmmmm. You probably should find out a thing or two, because they're the only family you've got and one day you might need to write a kick-butt wedding speech for one of them.

This cute, compact tin is filled with 50 thoughtful and playful family-friendly questions to inspire great conversations. With a wide range of intriguing questions about the past, present, and future, this party game will take family bonding to a whole new level.

The tin is a perfect size to throw in your luggage on your next family holiday, so you have a great way to pass the time when the rain is tumbling down in 'Sunny [insert name of holiday destination here]'.