Blanket Tote - English Plaid

Blanket Tote - English Plaid


For centuries prior to the availability of picnic totes, we placed an expensive blanket on the ground knowing full well it would be moistened, soiled, embedded with flora and fauna ... and then we'd need to figure out how to clean it. Pure picnic sadness.

But now, a genius has solved the damp bottom issue with the Blanket Tote. Easy clean, soft blankety surface on top, easy wipe, water-resistant layer on the bottom. And it folds up into a tote with handles and shoulder strap. Stop it! Give that guy or gal a certificate of achievement.

This English Plaid design is inspired by Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham's tweed coat lining that was seen for 2.5 seconds during Episode 4, Season 2 of Downton Abbey. Frightfully British. 

  • Approximately 2 square metres to spread out on
  • Weight approx 800g
  • Care: Surface wash with warm water and mild soap by hand only. Um, don't jam it in your frontloader.