Duke Cannon grooming products for gentlemen champions. On subscription. Direct to your bathroom door.

$59.90 every three months

An annual web-based subscription service delivering four boxed selections (one every three months - $59.90 per delivery) of superior quality Duke Cannon grooming products, and occasional surprises, direct to your door.

Products are chosen personally by Mr A. Blackwell, self-appointed director of hygiene maintenance and odour warfare at Blackwell and Sons, who knows first-hand how hard work can upset a fellow’s equilibrium (removing USB plugs and restocking the paper tray can be devilishly difficult).

Your annual subscription will get you:

  • Four home-delivered boxes (one every three months) boasting a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, Duke Cannon Natural Charcoal Deodorant, Duke Cannon Solid Cologne and Duke Cannon Lip Balm – combined value over $60. That’s enough to keep you smelling like a man of substance for at least 90 days. Selections may vary, especially as new and innovative products are released.
  • The latest copy of Blackwell Bugle, which independent estimates value at $49.90 alone.
  • Tips on hygiene, grooming and the art of romance from Mr Blackwell, who married well above his station so is worth listening to.
  • The odd surprise. What? No. No clues. It’s a surprise.

Not a gentlemen champion? Hands made for swiping not sledgehammering? Rather get someone in than do it yourself? No judgement here. Just gift the Dukebox to your dad or brother-in-law instead.




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