Little Explorer Child Seat
Little Explorer Child Seat

Little Explorer Child Seat

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When Jack Blackwell was a toddler, his granddad Bill thought it would be a hoot to take Jack for a ride on his 10 speed, by placing him on the slippery cross bar. Things didn't go well. There was blood and angst and regret. Bill needed a Little Explorer Child Seat on his bike and Jack needed less trust in older human family members. 
We  found these top tube mounted seats that provide comfort for the nippers and better security for the parents or grandparents. Here are the specs so you don't need to email us (but we are happy to hear from you, of course).

Max tube width - 50mm; Suitable for ages 3 to 6 years

Weight limit - 22kgs
Foot pegs and straps for extra security
Fits most bikes with a cross bar
Suitable for steel and alloy frames
Not suitable for carbon fibre frames
Ergonomic padded seat
Independently tested
Simple to install