Pashley Basket Tote
Pashley Basket Tote
Pashley Basket Tote
Pashley Basket Tote

Pashley Basket Tote

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Ideal for shopping, paperwork or a picnic, the Basket Tote Bag is just the right size to fit Pashley's large front wicker basket.

Constructed from fully lined waterproof cotton canvas with soft webbing handles, the bag sits snugly in the basket even when filled to capacity.

It is supplied with its own waterproof basket hood, which fits over the basket to protect the bag and contents from the elements and can be stowed away in a convenient inner pocket when not in use.

Made in Britain, the Basket Tote is useful as well as beautiful; it represents the Pashley aesthetic to a tee.


Bag: waterproof canvas and leather. The strong, supple waterproof canvas is created by bonding two layers of cotton drill with a central core of natural rubber. Hood and pouch: waterproof nylon.


To clean canvas, use soap and water and allow to dry naturally. To clean the leather trim wipe with a lightly dampened cloth, allow to dry, then polish with good quality leather cream or wax. To clean waterproof nylon, use a cloth and water.

Size & Fit:

External dimensions: oval base=20x23cm, height=27cm (from base to lip), lip circumfrance=125cm (fully open). Sized to fit inside Pashley's large 17" basket.


Made in Britain