Pashley Classic 33 Ice Cream Vending (RED)

Pashley Classic 33 Ice Cream Vending (RED)


Just like our iconic Delibike, our Classic No.33 is a key part of Pashley’s heritage as England’s oldest cycle manufacturer and hearkens back to a simpler time with its unique three-wheeled design. The large front platform is capable of bearing loads up to 200 kilos and is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, in particular product vending.

The No.33 will prove a practical and eye-catching companion however you choose to use it, and Pashley’s unbeatable hand-built craftsmanship ensures many years of happy service. This is coupled with the very best modern components: a rear hub brake and twin front calliper brakes ensure powerful stopping whatever the cargo, whilst a parking brake keeps the tricycle steady for easy loading and vending.

The Classic No.33 can be customized to carry a wide variety of cargo. Past customers have used it for everything from serving coffee to vending candyfloss, but one particularly popular choice is the classic ice cream cycle setup - we can fit a large freezer and an umbrella to produce a self-contained vending solution that can be easily ridden to events across the country. Along with custom colour and branding options, the No.33 is a real talking point, one that is practical, beautiful and designed to bring huge benefits to whatever commercial application it is applied.

Common Uses: Ice Cream Vending / Coffee and cold drinks vending / Popcorn and candy floss vending / Sandwich vending / Mobile information stations.


  1. Robust tricycle frame with stable and upright riding position: provides a comfortable, upright riding position that allows you a good view of your surroundings and other road users. The frame is designed specifically for industrial use, hand-built using 100 year old traditional methods - with heavy-duty tubing hand-brazed into lugs - for the attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess. With integrated column-pivoting handlebar, and umbrella mounting clips to allow the fitment of a branded parasol for added promotional visibility and sun/rain protection.
  2. *Optional rechargeable fridge or freezer.
  3. Large front load carrying platform: versatile platform that can support a wide variety of boxes, baskets and fridges. Measures W= 680mm x L=840mm Capable of supporting up to 200kg of load.
  4. Effective braking with a dependable hub and caliper brake combination and rear parking brake:  this system uses easily adjustable side-pull front caliper brakes and a fully enclosed rod-operated rear hub brake, which act together to give dependable, all-weather stopping power. The rear hub also incorporates a parking brake which can be activated to keep the tricycle stationary when parked so you don't need to worry about it rolling away.
  5. Heavy-duty painted steel mudguards: withstanding the rough and bumps of everyday use, they protect you and your load from mud and water splashes, providing all-weather practicality.
  6. Heavy duty tubular steel rear carrier: strong and durable for increase load capacity. Optional racks available for the fitment of baskets or euroboxes.
  7. Traditional Brooks B33 leather sprung saddle: Originally launched in 1938, this classically sprung saddle is the only Brooks model to still feature front loop springs; its strength and durability make it ideal for heavy-duty cycling. The leather allows the saddle to breathe and form to your shape over time becoming uniquely comfortable. With handy rear luggage loops.
  8. Frame mounted nameplate: along with custom frame colours, the nameplate allows you to personalise the cycle with your company logos or slogans for eye-catching, promotional advantage.
  9. Highly-durable paint finish: Durable powder-coat finish with corrosion resistant hi-zinc base coat. All of Pashley’s cycles are painted by hand using an oven-baked powder-coat to give a durable and vibrant finish.
  10. Convenient frame-fitted pump: with its sleek design, it fits securely to the cycle frame via integrated pump-pegs; easily at-hand when your tyres need an extra top-up of air.
  11. Low maintenance single speed hub gear: a robust, fully enclosed gear system that requires minimal maintenance, the single speed is ideal for simplicity of use and travelling at a leisurely pace.
  12. Robust multi-surface tyres with extra puncture protection and reflective side-walls: Hard-wearing tyres with secure tread design and an inner SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber that offers extra resistance to shards of glass and pins. A reflective band around the circumference of the tyre walls provide extra visibility after darkness.