Peterboro Pencil Basket

Peterboro Pencil Basket
Peterboro Pencil Basket
Peterboro Pencil Basket
Peterboro Pencil Basket
Peterboro Pencil Basket
Peterboro Pencil Basket

Peterboro Pencil Basket

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It’s one of humanity’s truly pressing questions: where’s a flippin’ pencil when you need one? Answer: inside this handsome handcrafted petite-woven masterpiece.

The Peterboro Pencil Basket features a smooth wood base that gives it a level bottom and added stability for your desktop. To protect the surfaces it sits on, it sports a protective felt disc on the underside. The basket’s handy size and classic good looks make it a welcome addition in any setting.

Ideas for use

  • Keep on your desk for pens, pencils and highlighters.

  • Line with a cloth napkin to serve breadsticks or biscotti.

  • Use as a stylish holder for a large candle in a glass jar.

  • Fill with individually wrapped chocolates or candies for a festive gift.

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA-made materials.

Honey, Cherry or Driftwood Grey 

12cm diameter x 11cm H  


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