Romantic Rural Roaming

Romantic Rural Roaming

Romantic Rural Roaming

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This one’s really designed for couples, but if you’re particularly fond of yourself that could work too.

  • Fully charged Wisper Wayfarer e-bicycles adjusted to your riding styles
  • Full instruction on e-bicycle operation
  • Freshly sanitized helmets for all
  • A can of non-alcoholic Lyre’s Classico sparkling beverage (one can per rider)
  • Cheese and crackers to share (knife and cutting board included)
  • Geo-located cycling route maps for your phone
  • Collect and return bicycles to our Greytown workshop 
  • Bring your own water bottle (filtered water available at workshop)
  • 1 to 4 riders (subject to bicycle availability)
  • Half-day (9am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 4.30pm) $99.90 per person
  • Full-day (9am – 4.30pm) $129.90 per person
  1. All packages are subject to availability. Booking ahead is recommended. Our booking calendar shows available dates.
  2. The minimum (unaccompanied) age for hiring is 18 years. In cases where younger riders are accompanied by adults, we recommend a minimum age of 16 years. The Wisper Wayfarer is an adult bicycle.
  3. What happens if the weather turns ugly on the day you’ve booked or you can’t make it for other reasons? Excellent question. We offer free rebooking, or your money back if you can’t schedule another visit to Greytown (as long as, for reasons other than the weather, you let us know at least 24 hours before your booking date).
  4. We accept that reasonable wear and tear will occur when bicycles are taken for a spin. But if you do something like lose a wheel or cause a vital part to point in the wrong direction, we’ll need to sit down with clasped hands and furrowed brows, and confirm your credit card details. The Wisper Wayfarer is a sturdy and reliable bicycle, but it is intended for use on sealed roads and formed trails only. No cross-country detours thank you!
  5. Punctures and other mechanical mishaps happen. Thankfully, not that often on Wisper Wayfarer bicycles and on South Wairarapa’s well-maintained cycle trails and roads. If you get into difficulty, call the number printed on the sticker on the bottom of the front carrier basket. Shane or Young Adam will come to your rescue with James Bond-like calmness and authority.
  6. If you ride, or behave while on board our bicycle, in a way that transcends any laws of this fair land or puts yourself or others in danger, that’s on you. Our bicycle, but your decisions, your risk and responsibility. We good with that?
  7. We’re reasonable people. It says so on our LinkedIn profiles. So we’ll make small allowances for traffic, wandering livestock and the distraction caused by that pretty person next to you if pick-up and drop-off times are missed. But if tooooo much time passes and we don’t hear from you, we reserve the right to offer your bikes to other keen pedallers who show up on our doorstep. At the other end of the day, unreasonable lateness will result in a head-to-head consultation of the nature described in 4 above. Our lateness fee is $100 per hour (Shane and Young Adam don't come cheap, you know).
  8. If you fail to return with our bicycle at all, well, we know people who know people who can call in favours with the constabulary. And just because some people are, well, plonkers, we will ask to hold your driver's licence or some other form of security during the hire. Please don't take that personally. It's because of the plonkers, not you.
  9. If you’re all cycled out and decide to return before your allotted time is up, no problem! But you understand that, as we can’t hire your bicycles out again on the day, we won’t be able to offer you anything in the way of a refund. Of course you understand!

Bicycles, tricycles and e-bikes

We deliver our bicycles all over Aotearoa New Zealand ourselves for a few reasons; we like to ensure your bicycle arrives in perfect condition and we also want you to be able to ride it immediately. We set your seat and handlebar height so you can ride comfortably and we listen and respond to any questions you have. We like to ensure we are minimising our fuel use and pollution so we like to schedule the most efficient delivery plan possible. That’s why it may take a month or two to get your bicycle to you. Please check our Delivery page for more information and to view our next scheduled delivery to your area.

Other merchandise

We will despatch your purchase the same day or next day and we will email you courier tracking information so you know exactly where your package is. We try, wherever possible, to use recycled or compostable packaging. For all orders, we charge $9.90 towards the cost of the courier.

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