The History of Insults

The History of Insults


Over 100 put-downs, slights, and snubs through the ages.

Compiled by Nathan Joyce.

Ever wanted to "air the lungs" like a cowboy or dreamed of channelling the wit of Shakespeare to deliver that killer put-down to an Elizabethan fustilarian? Are you too much of a Medieval scobberlotcher to realise this ambition?

Well, you're in luck because The History of Insults has some of the finest put-downs of all time - starting with the Ancient Romans and working through the centuries to the Jazz Age and beyond. This means you can dish out the best burns to bacon-fed bell swaggers to your heart's content. As they used to say in 19th-century London, "It's more than enough to make a stuffed bird laugh!"

64 pages. Hardcover.