WEATHERGOODS Reversible Seat Cover

WEATHERGOODS Reversible Seat Cover

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Let’s be honest. No-one likes a damp or cold seat!

WEATHERGOODS Reversible Saddle Covers give you the best of both worlds. One side is warm and cosy for those cold morning rides, while the other is water-resistant for that liberating ride in the rain.

The cover fits most saddles sizes and is easy to attach. First, attach the swivel hook under your seat using a zip tie or small lock. Then simply pull the cover over your saddle. The seam is elasticated for easy application. To change from the warm to water-resistant side, simply pull the cover off, turn it over, and reapply.

By securing the swivel hook to your bicycle using a zip tie or small lock, you can leave your saddle cover on all the time.


  • Waterproof side – 100% Polyester twill 135gsm

  • TPU membrane 10000k waterproof

  • Shearling side – 100% polyester