Wisper Mountain Adventure  E-bike in Olympic Gold
Wisper Mountain Adventure  E-bike in Olympic Gold

Wisper Mountain Adventure E-bike in Olympic Gold

Pre-order today for limited shipment arrival mid-June.

This model comes with full mudguards, carrier and rear light. These can be removed upon request.

Beautiful British design combined with award-winning technology convinced us to add the incredible Wisper Wayfarer Cross to the curated collection of bicycles we are pleased to offer our customers.  

We will deliver your new Wisper to your home ourselves, and ensure seat and handlebar positions are optimised for you so you're ready to ride safely and immediately. 

Wipsers ride with a smooth, intuitive and natural feel that is quiet but powerful; it's like being on a train as it pulls away from a station gathering speed. That's a very British attribute.

Battery usage on the Wayfarers is more efficient (meaning more economical) providing more range, better hill climbing and acceleration.  A thumb throttle boosts power when needed. 

Our own test rides and post analysis of the Wisper Wayfarer exceeds the standards we demand from any bicycle we sell.

POWER:  250W
RANGE:  450Wh battery: 30 - 60km / 700Wh battery 70 - 110km
MAX SPEED:  Up to 40km/h 

  1. Versatility: it rides beautifully on roads and trails, and feels confident on gravel.
  2. Simplicity and reliability: technology should never be complicated. Wisper's tech is intuitive and thoughtfully designed. You don't need to be a programmer from Silicon Valley to figure it out.
  3. Performance: fast charging, great range  of 30 - 60km (with optional range extender battery taking you up to 110km) and speeds of up to 40kph.

    We believe the Wisper is one of the most well-designed, visually-pleasing e-bikes available today. E-bikes don't need to be ugly (yet so many are...) By incorporating the battery and motor within the frame, and making design a priority, the Wisper represents a new era in e-bikes that we're proud to offer to Blackwell and Sons customers nationwide.
    Motor Wisper High Torque 350W mid-drive 100Nm.
    Cadence sensor and torque sensor.
    Sterling Range 450 / Deluxe Extended Range 700.
    450Wh battery: 30 - 60km / 700Wh battery 70 - 110km.
    Wisper back lit LCD display.
    375Wh: 24kg / 700Wh: 25.5kg.
    Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered.
    Frame size
    18.5” /47cm.
    100mm travel suspension.
    Wisper comfort.
    Seat post
    31.6mm 350mm with safety line.
    Kick stand
    Black anodised alloy.
    SHIMANO Alivio 9 Speed rapid shift selector.
    Hydraulic 203mm disc brake front and 180mm rear.
    Wheels Alloy double walled 27.5” x 31.4mm black anodised.
    Tyres Mountain 27.5” 2.25
    Mudguards Black full length, anodised aluminium