A Cup of Kindness

Every year, the world sups its way through 16 billion single-use coffee cups. Check out the zeros: 16,000,000,000. Every. Year. That’s an obscene quantity of tree-destroying, non-compostable nonsense, isn’t it? And it needn’t be that way, people.

Look. We understand completely. You need your caffeine fix. How else can you stay sharp during that sustainability planning meeting? And heaven forbid you make do with the dross served up in the office kitchenette.

Besides, it’s a good look ... striding along Lambton Quay, phone pinned between shoulder and ear, MASSIVE takeaway coffee held out front. It speaks volumes for your insatiable appetite for work; the shear get-out-of-my-way importance of the professional circles you move in.

Here’s the thing. Only a few short months ago, global headlines carried an equally mind-boggling statistic that slackened jaws and opened eyes to the crime that was single-use plastic bags. As a society, we waved a finger and said na-ah. We demanded action, and now those indestructible wind-wafted turtle-asphyxiators are on their way out.

We can rid the world of single-use coffee cups with even greater alacrity, caffeine freaks. And rest assured, there’ll be no diminishment of your street cachet as a result.

Sure, it’ll take a small change of habit. But if that wasn’t possible, we’d still be emptying chamber pots into gutters from third-floor windows.

Make your way to a certain cycling lifestyle emporium in the fetching South Wairarapa village of Greytown. Enter with anticipation. Watch your step, as your eyes will be drawn hither and yon by all manner of dazzling delights (Shane and Michelle foremost among them).

Swing right, admiring the elegant sweep of the Victorian staircase and strike-a-light magnificence of the wooden merchandise table as you go. Look left. There. No, up just a touch. Yes, there.

SIC cups and Porter mugs. The only hot beverage receptacles you’ll ever need, for the rest of your darling-I-simply-must-have-caffeine existence. The style choices are timeless. The colour range breathtaking. They come with lids, are dishwasher-safe, and sized to accommodate standard café servings perfectly.

Hear that? It’s the planet sighing with relief.

Can’t make it to Greytown Village? Commiserations. But you can head here instead.


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