A Bugle Sounds

Mr Blackwell firmly believes that his joy and excitement for products and ideas that encourage a slower, more appreciative and sustainable lifestyle must be trumpeted. 

However, most attempts at sharing through established editorial channels have resulted in either laughter or Restraining Orders, sometimes both, so he created the Blackwell Bugle. Mrs Blackwell wasn’t really paying attention at the time, so she agreed to add her Village Bookshop to the fanfare too.

Mr Blackwell needed an accomplice; a lacky who would do as he’s told and crank out articles in which the truth doesn’t necessary get in the way of a good yarn. So, he called upon old school chum, long-time collaborator and chuckle-inducing wordsmith, Colin Barkus. Mrs Blackwell completely disassociates herself from the first half of the publication and writes the sensible stuff about the Village Bookshop.

Bugle is published four times a year here online and in printed (but compostable) form for the lucky letterboxes of Greytown.

“But you’re just trying to sell stuff.” 

Excellent observation. Between them, the two Blackwell businesses employ seven lovely people and Mr and Mrs Blackwell would like to keep it that way. However, they’re also intensely proud of their high-quality product lines and make no apology for sharing that pride. And if they can raise a chortle or two along the way, is that really so bad? Hmmm? Is it?

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