A Bugle Sounds

Mr Blackwell firmly believes that his joy and excitement for products and ideas that encourage a slower, more appreciative and sustainable lifestyle must be trumpeted. 

Conventional media usually comes with pesky rules surounding page count, inoffensive content carefulness and excrutiating deadlines, all of which pushes Mr Blackwell to his fragile limits of tolerance. 

"Let's create our own mini-magazine," he said to his wife after an uncommon second martini one evening. "It will serve as both a catalogue of Blackwell-tested products we are happy to endorse and an outlet for personal rants and opinions I may not be allowed to publish elsewhere."

Mrs Blackwell adorned him with her signature smile and Mr Blackwell felt his knees weaken. It wasn't the gin.

Bugle is published twice a year here online and in printed (but compostable) form for the lucky letterboxes of Greytown.

“But you’re just trying to sell stuff," said a handful of people who channel energy into fault finding, a somewhat negative style that isn't healthy.  

Between them, the two Blackwell businesses employ seven lovely people and Mr and Mrs Blackwell would like to keep it that way. And if they can raise a chortle or two from their magazine along the way, is that really so bad? Hmmm? Is it?

Enjoy the read. If you’d like to receive the Bugle direct to your inbox, just surrender your email below. 

And don’t forget Slow Motion magazine – our annual coffee table publication that delves deeper (and somewhat more seriously) into a lifestyle that aims to unclench us all just a little.