Thousands of eyes protecting your bicycle – for free

Your beautiful new bicycle is precious to you, and a valuable asset you want to protect from theft.

So, Blackwell and Sons has joined 529 Garage – a nationwide community of bicycle retailers, repairers, local authorities, the Police, and others – that works together to help deter theft and quickly return stolen bicycles to their owners. 

Every new bicycle we sell is equipped with a 529 Garage shield – a tamper-resistant decal with a unique code. 

Using this code, you can register your bicycle (for free) on a national database accessible by the Police and all other members of the 529 community. Registration is easy, and can be done on the 529 Garage website or by downloading an app to your phone. All you need is the shield code, your bicycle’s serial number, and photos and/or a description (make, model, colour etc) of your bicycle.  

529 Garage provides security in two ways:

  • The shield on your bicycle acts as a visible deterrent to thieves in the first place.
  • Should your bicycle be stolen, you can instantly alert the entire 529 community. Your bicycle will be flagged as stolen on the database, and the rest of the community will be on the lookout for it. Most stolen bicycles are sold on. 529 Garage greatly increases the chances of catching the thief in the act. 

What’s more, if you’re in the market for a second-hand bicycle, you can use the 529 Garage database to ensure you’re not being sold stolen goods. The Blackwell and Sons Workshop team will routinely check any bicycle brought in for repairs, to make sure it’s not flagged. 

In Vancouver, Canada, where 529 Garage originated, police reported a 40 percent reduction in bicycle thefts within four years of the 529 community being established.

Can I protect my existing bicycle?

Yes. For a small fee, the Blackwell and Sons Workshop can provide you with a registration pack (either for a single bike, or four bikes – great for the family) containing shields and information on how to register. We can install the shields for you, and guide you through the registration process.

Contact Shane on 027 558 5503.