A statement in style, for immediate release

Listen up, corporate communicators. When you assure me that you take my health and safety very seriously and will be reviewing your systems and processes to ensure they are robust, you insult my intelligence so badly you may as well use sweary words. A good statement should stimulate my intellect and be subtle, creative, topical and unforgettable – rather like those on Blackwell and Sons’ brand-new proprietary range of T shirts.

Okay, so that intro paragraph was a touch boasty. It’s just that the Blackwell and Sons team is a little excited about our fresh-off-the-press range of branded T shirts.

There are old favourites among them, like our Blackwell and Sons and Pashley logo tees in a range of colours, and some gorgeous designs to show off your favourite model of Pashley bicycle. But it’s our new releases, masterminded by our in-house creative and design teams, that are really turning heads.

If you enjoy a subtle poke at un-aerodynamic gentlemen of a certain age who believe Lycra is the secret to restoring youthful speed and virility; if you want to take a stand against the modern-day scourge of screen addiction; if you love a good play on words and cutely inspiring design – make a statement in style right here.

These 100% cotton beauties utilise a range of today colours and we can deliver to you anywhere in the country.

Oh, and if your systems and processes are somewhat robust, don’t worry, we’ve got XL (in fact, 2XL in some cases) along with SM, M and L.

The Minister will be available for questions between 5.30pm and … Woops. Sorry. Old habits die hard. Our designated company spokesperson, Mr Shane Kelly, is always available to take your call on 027 558 5503 or email at shane@blackwellandsons.nz should you need to know more.

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