Balm those brows

With the National Tweed Ride looming, Mr Blackwell is allocating himself more mirror time to dial up his personal grooming routine.
"At 57 years old, I have reached the stage where my already voluminous eyebrows are looking for new directions and opportunities. As in, some follicles are changing colour while others have decided to leave the nest and see what's happening further up my forehead. And in my case, there is a lot of forehead to explore."
Inadvertently destroying any potential romantic chit chat by fixating on this topic in depth at a recent Valentine's date night with his one true love, Mr Blackwell hit upon a potential new product opportunity for the already well-appointed male grooming section of Blackwell and Sons.
"I shall brand it Brows by Blackwell," he exclaimed. "A non-greasy fragrance-free balm that can be quickly smeared on the follicles with one's pinky - the finger I mean - to ensure that elderly brows stay in place throughout the day in a uniform manner, instead of waving haphazardly like native tussock alongside the Tongariro National Park's Desert Road. Most men over 50, and if I may be so bold, some women would benefit from such a balm."
"It shall come in a ridiculously expensive but very well branded kit," he continued while his wife whispered to Jannelle at Cuckoo Pizza to bring the rest of the bottle she had originally intended to have just one glass of. "The brow balm itself would be the main event, accompanied by high performance scissors, heavy duty tweezers and a stiff badger hair brush with a walnut handle in a leather case. This could be the most successful harebrained scheme I have ever devised."
Mrs Blackwell resigned herself to some inevitable reading in bed that evening while Mr Blackwell lay awake pondering whether tin or glass would make the most suitable container for his new Brow Balm creation.

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