Critter deterrents

"Camping?" exclaimed Mr Blackwell in a high pitched shrill. "Will they have premium super soft three ply luxury in the bathroom, as my delicate undercarriage is now used to and expects?"
"Well, when you stay in a tent in the wilderness, there is no 'bathroom'. As such," explained his patient and more resilient wife.
"Well, what happens if you need to..."
She cut him off quickly. "Let's start with an airstream instead of a tent. Ease you in gradually."
And so the Blackwells went luxury camping in New England in 2023, cooking* one pan cowboy meals over open fires, singing James Taylor's Fire and Rain, sipping cider, toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories and all with the luxury of three ply in the magnificent airstream's onboard bathroom within easy reach.
Another lovely inclusion in the accommodation: Barebones rechargeable LED lanterns so Mr Blackwell could ensure critters and pesky intruders could be scared off during the night. By the light. A beautiful new series of Barebones lanterns and torches are arriving progressively in our emporium and online store. They make excellent gifts for campers or outdoor diners.
*Mr Blackwell is more of a 'consumer' of the one pan cowboy meals. Less of a cook.

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