Trail of the Month - Greytown Rail Trail

Sep 23, 2020

Welcome to the second instalment of our Trail of the Month series where we highlight our favourite trails in the greater Wairarapa region. This month we're featuring Greytown's most popular trail - the Greytown to Woodside Rail Trail.

A mere 5 minutes from Blackwell & Sons HQ you'll find the trailhead for this extremely popular out and back adventure.

The trail has so much going for it including its proximity to Greytown Village, the dedicated maintenance it receives, and the variety of rural vistas you'll see along the way.

On any given day you can expect to encounter friendly dog walkers, focused runners and athletes, cyclists young and old, and from time to time some roaming livestock.

Our rating for this trail is 'very easy' with only one small rise in the trail to cross a water race, making this trail suitable for the whole family.

You can bring your dog on a leash and there's a dog park at the Greytown end if Fido wants to make friends afterward.

The trail has several information boards along the way that explain the history of the trail and why a converted Model-T Ford was used to move passengers from Woodside to Greytown.

You don't really notice as you're heading out from Greytown that there's a gentle incline, but you'll definitely notice how much easier the peddling becomes on the ride home.

Here, Mr Blackwell has stopped here to admire the gently flowing water race and to see if he can spot any eels. He did not spot any on this occasion.

There is a clear break at the half way point where the trail meets the tarsealed road and you pass through metal barriers.

If you turn around at that point you'll do a 5km round trip, and if you keep going to Woodside Station and return back to the trailhead you'll have cycled (or walked) 10km for the day. Well done.

This is one of the sweet views at the end of the trail, leading you through to Woodside Station. Bicycles are allowed on the trains to and from Wellington.

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