Life Begins When You Start A Garden

Life Begins When You Start A Garden.

This perfect little Chinese proverb exemplifies the simplicity of gardening pleasure. Millie and I have both received good gardening tuition from our green-thumbed parents, who have understood the wonderful returns gardening provides in fruit and vegetable yield for many decades. Gardening also comes with bonus features like exercise and stretching (natural yoga, right?), direct contact with healthy soil microbes, sunshine on skin, and the deep pleasure of feeling closely connected with seasonal cycles.

Using well designed and constructed tools increases gardening productivity. Dad still uses some of the tools his father was using in the 1940s and 50s; that kind of product durability should be something all manufacturers strive for, not because it’s highly profitable, but because it’s the right thing to do. Barebones in the United States is a company that has a long-term perspective on what’s important, creating high quality items designed to last.

Millie and I use Barebones gardening and outdoor products in our Greytown garden, and we’re thrilled to have them available for our customers.

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