Slow Motion issue 3 out now!

What are the hot-ticket items for the upcoming season of outdoor dining and adventure? How can gentlemen be manly and fragrant in the same intriguing breath? Who is the genius behind these breathtaking art-deco inspired town artworks? Is my beard the epitome of contemporary chic or a sad relic of bygone days?

These, and many other pressing questions of the day, are answered in the latest issue of Blackwell and Sons’ Slow Motion magazine, out now for your edification and entertainment.

Slow Motion is chock full of brilliant festive season gift ideas, information about those delicious Pashley bicycles you’ve coveted for so, so long, and light-hearted but interesting articles about life with the treadmill set at minimum speed. We hope you enjoy the read!

If you'd like to get your mitts on a printed copy, send an email to  with your first and last name, as well as your postal address, and we'll get one on the way. 

[Sorry international friends. Free postage is only within New Zealand.]

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