Shane, Michelle and Trish will ensure your purchases are delivered to you as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. They’ll keep you informed at every step, and you’ll rave about them at garden parties. (Or in a Google Review.)

And because you’re amazing, we know you’ll ensure all your details, especially your email address, are entered correctly when you purchase.

Bicycles, tricycles and e-bicycles/e-tricycles

We deliver our bicycles and tricycles all over Aotearoa New Zealand ourselves for a few reasons: 

  • We like to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. 
  • We want you to be able to ride it immediately. We set your seat and handlebar height so you can ride comfortably and we listen and respond to any questions you have.
  • We like to ensure we are minimising our fuel use and pollution so we schedule the most efficient delivery plan possible. That’s why it may take a month or two to get your bicycle to you.
  • We cannot courier a bicycle directly because it affects the warranty, and tricycles cannot be couriered because they are oversize.
  • E-bikes are also deemed dangerous goods and require special handling.

Our usual scheduled delivery runs are shown on the map...

... But occasionally, Mother Nature may toy with us by doing things like sprinkling snow on the roads between you and us, or stirring up Cook Strait so much that even Shane’s cast-iron stomach cries foul. We might also reschedule depending on how many bicycles we have to deliver, and where.

If any of these things happen, we will keep you fully informed and deliver your bicycle as soon as possible.

Other merchandise

We will despatch your purchase the same day or next day and email you courier tracking information so you know exactly where your package is. We use Courier Post and, wherever possible, they will deliver to you within 2-3 working days. We try, wherever possible, to use recycled or compostable packaging. 

For all orders, we charge $9.90 towards the cost of the courier. 

If your purchase fails to show up within a reasonable period, or arrives in a less-than-satisfactory condition, please contact us immediately and Mr Blackwell will get grumpy with some people. (He doesn’t find that too difficult.)