Organic Produce Bags - 3 Large Bags
Organic Produce Bags - 3 Large Bags

Organic Produce Bags - 3 Large Bags

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Cyclists tend to be a green lot.

Whether you’re a devout environmentalist or just trying to play your part, these organic cotton produce bags make a delightful first step.

They replace single-use plastic produce bags at the supermarket or farmer’s market.

Because they’re made of certified organic, unbleached cotton (instead of mesh) you can also use them for bulk grains, beans, cereals and the like at your favourite bulk store.

Think about how many single-use plastic bags you use in a typical grocery trip and stock up accordingly.

The large bags are perfect for a half dozen oranges or kumara. The bags are also available in mini and extra large for all uses. 

If you’re already carrying reusable shopping bags, it’s easy to add these to the trip. It’s a great step toward saving the planet — one shopping trip at a time.

If they get dirty, you can machine wash on the gentle cycle and line dry and they're good as new.