Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket

Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket
Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket
Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket
Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket

Jane Shand Undyed Merino Basketweave Blanket

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Local, traceable, ethical and sustainable

Very few designers in the world can claim complete knowledge of the fibre from which their products are made. Jane Shand is proud to be one of them.

Her beautiful merino fibre is sourced from one prizewinning flock in Middlemarch, Central Otago. The products that result are exquisite in every sense - enduring, comfortable and stylish. Go on, gentlemen. Don't be shy. Blokes get chilly knees too!

Jane Shand grew up on a sheep farm at the south of New Zealand’s wild South Island, and quickly became interested in wool-based hobbies such as spinning, wool dying and hand-knitting. These crafts nurtured her love of wool and allowed her design and creative skills to flourish.

The unique characteristics of merino, in particular, have enabled Jane to produce garments and accessories of the highest quality.  No other fibre is superior to the comfort, warmth, breathability, elasticity, durability and sustainability of this extraordinary product.

New Zealand grows some of the very best merino in the world and it just makes sense for Jane to keep her base here, both environmentally and socially. She can truly claim with confidence that all her garments are made entirely in New Zealand, from lamb to loom.

Ethical from 'Farm to Fashion'

  • 100% natural merino fibre traceable to one farm
  • No shrink-resistant chemical treatments
  • Local production – entirely New Zealand made
  • Sustainably grown and produced
  • Biodegradable product and packaging


100cm  x 145cm


Dove Grey and Taupe

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