Barebones Trowel - Walnut
Barebones Trowel - Walnut
Barebones Trowel - Walnut
Barebones Trowel - Walnut

Barebones Trowel - Walnut

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Mr Blackwell has hands like a pampered member of the 17th century French nobility, completely unblemished by any hint of actual work.

He intends to keep his hands that way, so when he “gardens” (softly taps at the earth while asking Mrs Blackwell why his tomatoes won’t ripen) he likes to work with only the best tools. This rust-resistant Barebones beauty is constructed with an ergonomic stainless steel blade and comfortable wooden handle. It’s ideal for digging, turning and spreading soil and prepping beds, and planting seedlings, and won’t give Mr Blackwell a boo-boo.

37cm x 7.6cm x 4.4cm



  • Walnut handle
  • Heat-treated stainless steel blade.

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