Cottage Greenhouse Hand Creme - Grapefruit and Blood Orange 226gm
Cottage Greenhouse Hand Creme - Grapefruit and Blood Orange 226gm
Cottage Greenhouse Hand Creme - Grapefruit and Blood Orange 226gm

Cottage Greenhouse Hand Creme - Grapefruit and Blood Orange 226gm

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Mr and Mrs Blackwell enter a small town retail store anywhere in the world. It has tubes of hand cream displayed that look unique and could remove a decade of wear and tear with a mere squeeze from the sample tube. Millie squeezes.

"Sniff this!" she commands. He sniffs.

And after hundreds of these research missions, Cottage Greenhouse wins. 

"This is the best range of natural skin products in the world," claims Mrs Millie Blackwell. "Sniff this one too!" He sniffs and nods. 
HAND LOTION FOR DRY HANDS: The Cottage Greenhouse Grapefruit and Blood Orange  Handcreme is thick, rich, and positively addicting that leaves skin refreshed and marvelously moisturized. This hand lotion for women is paraben free, gluten free, and sulfate free.

MOISTURE-RICH INGREDIENTS: This hand cream for women features a dynamic duo base of avocado oil and shea butter. Add the natural emollients of grapefruit and blood orange extracts for an irresistible botanic balm that soothes the most demanding dry skin.

HELPS DRY & CRACKED SKIN: Grapefruit is nature’s emollient, a sparkling tonic used to soften and soothe stressed skin. Cool as a cucumber, this women’s hand lotion gives you the quenching boost your skin needs to look its healthiest.

QUICK ABSORBING LOTION: For best results, massage a small amount of hand lotion on clean hands until absorbed. May be used as often as needed. Carefully curated to be vegan and never animal tested.

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