Organic Cotton Reusable String Bag

Organic Cotton Reusable String Bag

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There’s something so Parisian chic about these bags.

"Don't ever use 'Parisian chic' in our web listings again." said Mr Blackwell.

These sturdy cotton string bags are useful for anything you need to carry, big or small — baguette not included.

Keep a few with you as you cycle about your daily adventures—down to the farmer’s market, to grab some fresh produce, or picking up a box of pastries from your favourite bakery.

Throw in a thermos and you’ve got a quick-pack picnic ready to go. Although humble in size, they expand quite prodigiously, making them capacious without seeming unwieldy.

Soft handles keep you comfortable, even as the bag can hold up to 15kg.

And when you’re all done and unpacked at home, put it back in your bag for your next trip! It’s as easy as that.

Made of certified organic, unbleached cotton. If they get dirty, you can machine wash on the gentle cycle and line dry and they're good as new.