Pashley Brass Bike Bell
Pashley Brass Bike Bell

Pashley Brass Bike Bell

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There’s something irresistible about bicycle bells.

We don’t know whether it’s the pleasant array of sounds they make or just the fact that they’re fun to play with, but on any given day in our shop, we hear them loud and clear each time a customer gives in to the impulse to try them out.

This Pashley Brass Bell follows a traditional design, with a domed body, a covered spring mechanism, and a sweet, crisp, clear ring (give it a try below).

You can attach it to the handlebars or the stem of your bike - whichever is easier to reach. Let the world know you’re on your way, or just let out a little ding because you can!

Clean every now and then with a little polish and a soft cloth.

Give me a ring...

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