Pashley Leather Handle Grips - Black

Pashley Leather Handle Grips - Black


Delightfully soft and supple.

Handsome features and quality craftsmanship.

No, we’re not talking about Mr Blackwell’s beard; these Pashley handlebar grips add a supple high-quality leather grip to any Pashley.

English craftsman made using hand-tanned leather, these grips will add a custom-made look to your favourite ride. They’re made with traditional construction, hand-stitched in a durable herringbone pattern, and finished with turned alloy end caps.

Theses are a delightful grip while riding, and we can fit them to any new or used Pashley.

If you're buying a new bike, add these to your cart and we'll automatically fit them when we assemble your bike. (Ladies: note that these come standard on all Britannia models).