Sheepskin seat cover - Black

Sheepskin seat cover - Black

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"Oh. Oh, yes. That - oh, that's good." Some reactions are difficult to describe tactfully but when you place your sitting apparatus on a New Zealand sheepskin bike seat cover, you'll discover a brand new pleasure that you'll want to share at dinner parties and BBQs.

First up, it's an all-natural product and your body always prefers contact with nature's fibres. The leather inner, along with some strategic elastic, keeps the cover in place while you are riding and the sheepskin itself lets air circulate through the nooks and crannies. Got it? You won't get sweaty down in the trenches. Lastly, it is machine washable. Like your pants.

These very popular NZ made covers fit perfectly on all standard Brooks saddles which are fitted to most Pashley bicycles. 

Length 26cm /  Width 24.5cm at the widest part.