Greytown’s first new dedicated Bicycle Workshop for over 100 years is open to service most brands of bicycles and e-bikes. Mr Shane Kelly and Mr Young Adam Birchall (we don’t want you getting him confused with Mr Old Adam Blackwell) will pick up and deliver your bicycle throughout the Wairarapa, get it fixed, serviced or restored and drop it back to you.

Blackwell and Sons Workshop is located just a few doors north of the main emporium at 102 Main Street. Head up the driveway on the south side of the Lolly Jar. You’ll also find parts, accessories and hire e-bikes – our sensational new Wispers for Road and Trail, together with some hard-to-find collectors editions, trade-ins or ex-demonstrators for sale at prices that make Mr Blackwell visibly uncomfortable.

Our services include

Puncture Repair (Per Wheel)


  • Includes new tube and removal of tyre intrusion

Full Service*


  • Check, adjust, tune: brakes, gears, wheels, chain, headset, tyres and deluxe clean.

Electric Conversion


  • High torque 300 Watt Bafang mid drive motor
  • Fits 68 to 73mm bottom bracket
  • LCD display with battery and trip data
  • Secure battery with lithium ion cells and charger
  • Battery protection system
  • Integrated controller with pedal start and throttle start
  • IP 67 waterproof connectors
  • Range around 50km on 12.4 ah battery
  • Assisted speed up to 50km/h (adjustable)
  • Gear shift sensor
  • Lighting plug - Lights extra
  • Throttle

Other Tasks*

From $19.90

  • Fit New Merchandise $19.90
  • Fit New Brake Cable $19.90
  • Fit New Gear Cable $19.90
  • Fit New Chain $19.90
  • Fit New Cassette $19.90
  • Drivetrain Degrease $49.90
  • Check & Tune Brakes $19.90
  • Check & Tune Gears $19.90
  • Fit New Pads $19.90
  • Fit New Brake Cable $19.90
  • Fit New Disc Brake $39.90
  • Hydraulic Bleed $39.90 p/end
  • Wheel Truing $19.90
  • Spoke replacement $29.90
  • Box a bike $69.90 (includes box)
  • Bike build from box $69.90

Deluxe Clean


  • Thorough top-to-bottom clean and polish using premium products and techniques.

Custom Repairs and Restorations

Let's chat

*Additional parts required will be quoted in advance.

Payment prior to collection required.

Blackwell and Sons Workshop is opens 9ish to 3ish, Wednesday to Sunday at 102 Main Street, Greytown.

Extended hours apply during the summer months.

Contact Mr Shane Kelly on 027 558 5503 or email

Contact us on 027 558 5503 for bicycle pick up and delivery options and prices

Book your bike in here

Meet the experts

Shane Kelly

General Manager

Mr Kelly is the kind of person you want around following a natural disaster. While his colleagues could prepare a pretty effective press release about what was happening, Mr Kelly possesses the kind of skills that would actually help society to recover.

His practicality is put to perfect use as Blackwell and Sons’ front man, heavy lifter and all-round go-to guy. Mr Kelly assembles, sells, delivers and maintains bicycles, manages stock inventory, runs the Greytown emporium and dazzles customers with his sparkling service. He takes calls at all hours of the day and night, drives the length and breadth of the country on official business, and knows everything worth knowing about Pashley’s two-wheeled masterpieces.

If you ask nicely, he might even fillet some cod for you on his days off. Oh, but Friday is pie day. Don’t ever get in the way of that.

Adam Birchall

Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance Specialist

The Blackwell and Sons team have affectionately named their newest recruit "Young Adam", so he can't be mistaken for the elderly, grumpy geezer who runs the show.

Young Adam works with Shane on bicycle assembly and maintenance and is something of a genius when it comes to new technology and innovation. Old Adam reckons if he used a bit of Just for Men on the sides of his beard, it would be difficult to tell them apart.