Giving Back

The success of our small, locally-owned business depends heavily on the vibrancy of the community in which we live and operate. So, it makes perfect sense for us to support events and organisations that enliven Greytown and align well with the values we hold dear.

National Tweed Ride

The National Tweed Ride is an annual event inspired by, and steeped in, leisure cycling traditions from the United Kingdom. It celebrates the British heritage of the hand-built bicycles we offer and the gentle ‘slow motion’ lifestyle associated with them – but with a kiwi twist or two. We are principal sponsor of the Tweed Ride, which brings hundreds of participants and thousands of supporters into town over the Easter weekend. Pure, unbridled enjoyment is the order of the day!

Festival of Christmas

For many small-town retailers in New Zealand, winter is an extremely challenging time. The Greytown Festival of Christmas – held throughout the month of July – is a collaboration between Greytown business operators and community groups aimed at drawing people back into town at this traditionally quiet time of year. The festival features spectacular lightshows, shop window displays, night markets, fireworks, entertainment, competitions, events involving the school and other community groups, as well as special retail and hospitality offers. It grows in scope and popularity year-on-year.   

Greytown Rail Trail

South Wairarapa is spectacular cycling country. But routes like the beautiful Rail Trail from Greytown to Woodside don’t maintain themselves. That’s why we donate to the Greytown Trails Trust, whose members keep the path in immaculate shape for the enjoyment of everyone. We will continue to support the Trust as the region’s network of trails widens – including the soon-to-be-finished Greytown to Featherston connection. 

Vagabond Vege

South Wairarapa’s prosperity is built on the rich, fertile land beneath our feet. It’s extremely important to Blackwell and Sons that we do everything we can to protect that land – with wider benefits for the climate, local ecosystems, and our own health. Vagabond Vege is a collaborative arable farming operation run by an enterprising group of young locals using regenerative techniques to keep the goodness in the soil and the chemicals out. We are proud to support their efforts – and consume their magnificent produce!

Greytown Bridge Club

Bridge is a game with recognised cognitive benefits: sharper concentration and reasoning powers, strategic thinking, teamwork and patience. It’s also a great social occasion. The Greytown Bridge Club helps to knit our community together, building spirit and a sense of wellbeing among its many members. These are principles that sit very comfortably with Blackwell and Sons, and we are proud to contribute.

Trees that Count

Planting a native tree is one of the best things we can do as individuals to help offset greenhouse gas emissions and protect our precious ecosystems. We routinely use the Trees that Count native tree gifting initiative when we want to thank someone for a job well done or mark a special occasion. We are determined that nothing we offer will end up harming the planet. Trees that Count enhances it.