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Building an emporium of wonder

Greytown’s old Borough Council Chambers have witnessed a lot over the last 126 years. There was a 1905 fracas between a councillor and the Mayor that saw projectiles hurled and the Police summoned. There’ve been libraries and law offices, and even a proposal to house a business of ill repute. At about 1.30am on Friday 16 November an exciting new chapter was finished. Our new retail headquarters are much more than we hoped for. Welcome to our emporium of wonder!

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Curate, don't berate

Big-box retailers who shout at you in TV commercials will try to tell you their range of Christmas gifts is ‘special’, ‘exclusive’ and ‘selling out fast’. But how can that be? The very same mass-produced, mass-sourced goods are available at the competitor barn just down the road. Retailers committed to a truly unique shopping experience must work much harder to source distinctive, high-quality products for discerning customers.

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A statement in style, for immediate release

Listen up, corporate communicators. When you assure me that you take my health and safety very seriously and will be reviewing your systems and processes to ensure they are robust, you insult my intelligence so badly you may as well use sweary words. A good statement should stimulate my intellect and be subtle, creative, topical and unforgettable – rather like those on Blackwell and Sons’ brand-new proprietary range of T shirts.

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