Bicycle Maintenance

Maintaining your Pashley

Hearty congratulations and enormous thanks for purchasing a magnificent hand-built Pashley bicycle. You have joined a family of New Zealanders who are rediscovering the pure, uncomplicated joy of cycling for leisure on machines lovingly crafted for style, comfort and reliability.

Your Pashley will serve you a lifetime – and beyond. It is a treasured possession that can be passed from generation to generation without losing any of its aesthetic appeal or performance. Pashleys are truly timeless. A bit of routine care and maintenance will ensure your Pashley is ready to facilitate your cycling lifestyle day after day, season after season, and year after year.

Follow the simple guidelines in our Care and Maintenance booklet and videos below, and you can’t go wrong!

New Pashley checklist

Simple tips to ensure your first Pashley outing is pure cycling pleasure

Maintaining tyre pressure

Correct inflation of your tyres is the secret to smooth, effortless riding

Tightening wheel nuts

Even a slight loss of wheels while cycling is generally not a good thing

Adjusting your saddle

Ensuring your saddle is the right height and angle could be the difference between posterior bliss and posterior blisters

Adjusting chain tension

A loose chain is a rare thing, but this simple step will ensure it doesn't interfere with your riding pleasure

Adjusting drum brakes

In cycling, stopping is just as important as going, so keeping your brakes in top working order is essential

Gear calibration - 5 speed gears

Gear slippage is usually a sign your gears are out of calibration - and that's nowhere near as hard to fix as it sounds

Gear calibration - 8 speed gears

Gears on an 8 speed are equally easy to recalibrate

If you have any questions about care and maintenance of your Pashley bicycle, please get in touch with Shane using the contact details below.